Moms of Seniors



Dear Moms of Seniors,

The time has come. The one we’ve simultaneously worked for and dreaded for 18 years. I have no magic advice on how to get through this season unscathed, but I promise you this: I am here with you. 

In the coming weeks, let’s give ourselves permission to feel it all.

Let your hearts burst with pride at those final banquets and achievement ceremonies.

Allow the tears to flow as we catch glimpses of them sleeping, remembering the little ones they once were.

Feel the awe as we witness them becoming remarkable human beings.

Go all out with the decorations, the food, and the planning.

Give yourself permission to celebrate YOU! This is your moment too.

Plan to learn something new in this next season, just for you.

Don’t hesitate to brag, Mama. It’s your right and your privilege! 

Drink a glass of wine (or 2) while you put together that slideshow…and let yourself ugly cry as you do.

Take lots of pictures.

Hug them tightly, often!

Take it all in.

Soak it all up.

Let’s see ourselves as ‘Bird Launchers’ and not ‘Empty Nesters’.

Let’s ‘Be Where Our Feet Are’ during this time, feeling all the things.

These moments are tough, and it’s ok to feel sad amidst the celebration. It’s part of being a Mom. We can grieve their little chubby baby faces while marveling at the individuals they’ve become. 

We’ve got this. We can do this! We’ve raised incredible kids who are going to achieve incredible things.

And when this season comes to an end, and you need a place to fall apart, know that my porch is open, coffee hot, and the beer cold.

Together we can do this!

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