That's it! I'm Going To Grandma's!
That's it! I'm Going To Grandma's!
That's it! I'm Going To Grandma's!

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That's it! I'm Going To Grandma's!

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This experience gift gets its name from a song my 4 year old daughter wrote (she's now 21) on her pink Hannah Montana guitar. She wrote it because she was mad at me for making her clean her room and she was headed to Grandma's house.

She still remembers the lyrics:

"Grandma's is the place where nothing goes wrong

she gives me candy every minute every second 

she never says no-o-o-o" 

Packaged in a 'to-go' bag for grandkids to take to Grandma's anytime. Perfect for Grandmas and sassy 6 year olds. Makes a great Mother's Day or retirement gift.  

Gift Includes:

- Handcrafted "That's IT! I'm Going To Grandma's" canvas tote 

- Mark Ludy's Paper Monsters book

- Mark Ludy's 300 piece puzzle (designs will vary)

- Handcrafted eye glass case with matching bookmark (designs will vary)

- Renewal Mill Baking mix (flavors may vary)

- Candle

- Coloring book

- Crayons

- Sidewalk Chalk

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