Hot Date Night Box (formerly our Naughty Box)
Hot Date Night Box (formerly our Naughty Box)

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Hot Date Night Box (formerly our Naughty Box)

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YOU asked for it, we listened!
Hot Date Night Box 
(aka - The Naughty Box!)

Don't worry we won't tell anyone that this is one of your favorite gifts! Your secret is safe with us.


This special box is guaranteed to heat up your date night! 

Gift Includes:

- 2 adult beverage mixes (mixes have a zero proof version if desired)

- Set of 6 foreplay dice and a one minute timer to make sure you both get equal time

- All natural massage oil by Divine Nectars

- Intentionally inappropriately named candle

- Fun and edgy decorative throw pillow 

- Daymaker chapstick

As always we include a handwritten card in each gift, however, if you wish to have this sent to you we can include a blank card and you can write your own steamy message if you prefer.


Do you have an adult child living in your basement? Place this pillow on their bed next time they are out and it may just give them the gentle nudge they need to find their own place.

Perfect for:


Empty nesters

Anniversary Gift


Limited quantities available.