Because Life Can Be Hard Sometimes! -- LIST OF RESOURCES

We have covered some very difficult topics in our Motherhood Unfiltered Series and we want you to know you don't have to deal with your pain and struggles alone. We are here to walk with you in whatever season of Motherhood you are in. 

Don't be afraid to reach out for help, to us, to the online communities below, or to seek therapy or medication if needed. Taking care of YOU is THE most important step to take!!!


Here is a list of resources for the various topics we have covered.


  • Still Standing Magazine: A website and community dedicated to helping parents cope with child loss and infertility. They offer a wide range of articles, personal stories, and resources.
  • Grief Out Loud: a non-profit organization providing support to parents and families grieving the loss of a child, including online support groups and resources.
  • @griefsupportformoms (Instagram): Helping grieving moms navigate grief and loss
  • @lifeafterjoce (Instagram): Sharing the real and raw versions of childhood cancer and child loss
  • The Healing Podcast: Hosted by Dr. Katie Schubert, this podcast focuses on healing and support after pregnancy loss.


  • “The Motherless Daughters Podcast” by Katie Mitchell
  • “The Widow Wears Pink Podcast” by Carole Brody Fleet
  • @modernloss (Instagram): helping women deal with grief
  • @Grieving Mothers Community (Facebook): Facebook support group


  • “The Single Mom Podcast” by Jessica Ashley
  • “The Single Mother’s Guide to Grieving a Loss” by Sheryl Ziegler on Psychology Today Online
  • @single_moms_be_like (Instagram): Single Mom Healing Method
  • @singlemomtruths (Instagram): Single mom blog


  • The Infertility Voice: Written by Keiko Zoll, this blog provides a mix of personal stories, advocacy, and resources for those dealing with infertility.
  • Resolve: The National Infertility Association: Offers a blog covering various aspects of infertility, including emotional support and advocacy.
  • The Miscarriage Association: Offers information, support, and resources for those affected by miscarriage, ectopic and molar pregnancy.
  • Beat Infertility: Hosted by Heather Huhman, this podcast features interviews with experts and personal stories to support those dealing with infertility.
  • @ihadamiscarriage (Instagram): Jessica Zucker's account provides support, community, and resources for those who have experienced miscarriage.
  • @resolveorg (Twitter): Resolve's Twitter account shares articles, resources, and advocacy efforts related to infertility.


  • Their blog section covers various topics related to adoption, including waiting to be chosen as an adoptive parent.
  • Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption: Offers resources, support, and advocacy for foster care adoption, including information on the adoption process and post-adoption support services.
  • Adoption Network Law Center: Provides adoption services, support, and resources for birth mothers, adoptive parents, and adoptees, including counseling and legal assistance.
  • National Adoption Foundation: Provides financial assistance, education, and support services for those navigating the adoption process.
  • @adopttogether (Instagram): Provides inspiration, stories, and resources for those going through the adoption process.
  • Adoptees On: While not specifically for waiting adoptive parents, this podcast offers insights into the adoption experience from adoptees' perspectives, which can be valuable for prospective adoptive parents.


  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Provides free, confidential support and resources for individuals in distress, including those experiencing suicidal thoughts. They offer 24/7 support via phone, chat, and text messaging. Call or Text 988

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